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The natural wholesome superfoods with complete nutrients.

Spirulina has been traditionally harvested in Chad. The natives make broths for meals, and also sold in markets. The spirulina is harvested from small lakes and ponds around Lake Chad.

Around 1940 a French scientist discovered the harvesting of spirulina around the shallow Lake Chad in Africa. The unusual healthy and long lifespan of the natives sparked further interest.

Do you know…. our red blood cells can last for only 120 days? Our body has to produce red blood cells everyday The body need 2 raw materials – iron and chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll can only be found in green vegetables – the question is…
Do you eat sufficient vegetables everyday? Most likely not… then what will happen?
Your red blood cells have to be recycled, the recycling process involves the spleen, liver and kidney and it is a very complicated process. If this will be allowed for long period of time this organ will fail and give rise to serious health problem.

DXN cultured Spirulina contains high level of chlorophyll because of all-year-round sunlight in Malaysia – is very rich in chlorophyll besides many other ingredients.

Spirulina is declared as the Most Ideal Health Food for The 21st Century by the United Nation in 1981

Spirulina contains a good amount of iron synergized with chlorophyll and other micronutrients.

This enables the body to produce new supply of good quality red blood cells.

Improves red blood cell life span and enhance the oxygenation level in the body.

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