Discover a simple way to well-being
and better health


Let your body work proper


Use the power of nature


– the art of making the human body healthy


the art of making the human body more resistant to diseases
by detoxification and providing the right nutrients.

We can significantly improve our health by strengthening the immune system.

Thanks to proper ones and enough amount of natural nutrients, our organism is balanced – cells, tissues, organs and systems work properly and the immune system both prevents diseases and cures those we have.

It is much easier and better to prevent diseases than to cure them, that’s why detoxification and balancing the body on a daily basis is so important.

Ganotherapy is based on the supply of proper nutrients – the natural microelements from some plants with an exceptionally rich content of them.


The most important plant used in Ganotherapy is Ganoderma.

Ganoderma is mushroom type – used in natural medicine of the Far East for 4000 years. It is one of the mushroom categories that gives the highest therapeutic effect on the human body. In nature, it grows in a densely wooded mountain of high humidity and dim lighting.
It is a very scarce and hard to find plant back then. 

Proper Energy

as every machine needs adequate energy…
….our body needs adequate energy too.
We are taking energy from the sun, from our lifestyle from exercise,
but what is important on the daily basis it’s to take a proper food.
If we want to give our body a chance to be happy our daily diet should be balanced.

Presentation – How To Prevent Our Health?

Ganotherapiest Jane Yau from Malesia 18 years of experience with Ganotherapy

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